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McDonald's releases November sales figures


McDonald's has announced that the company recorded an increase of 7.7% in like-for-like sales in November. In the US, same-store sales rose by 4.5%.The rise in sales was due to the success of breakfast items, chicken sandwiches and value menu options. Despite of the crisis hitting the restaurant sector in the past months, already in October McDonald's registered positive like-for-like sales, with an increase of 8.2%.

Worldwide for the month ending 30 November, sales rose by 1.9%. Excluding the impact of the currency translation, worldwide sales climbed nearly 10%. Like-for-like sales growth was 7.8% in Europe and 13.2% in Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa operations. CEO Jim Skinner said: "Convenient locations, extended hours and quality food at an outstanding value are all reasons why people are choosing McDonald's."


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