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UK Government bans tobacco displays

The Government is banning tobacco displays in England and Wales. The announcement was made by Health Secretary Alan Johnson following a consultation process launched by the Department of Health in May as part of its push to discourage smoking, particularly among 11 to 15 year-olds. However, a plan for a ban on tobacco vending machines in pubs and clubs has also been shelved, marking a turn-around for the Government. Anti-smoking lobbyists were calling for the removal of branding on cigarette packets. They hoped that the Government would also ban the use of any logos, colours and graphics on packs in order to strip smoking of its glamorous image. Johnson said: "They see the point of sale display and as a result of seeing it, are encouraged to take up smoking. This is the key evidence as to why we have 200,000 11 to 15-year-olds smoking."



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Сергей Костин, «1С-БСЛ»: «Основная проблема доставки последней мили – прогнозируемость эффективности курьерского юнита»

Когда собственная доставка может быть экономически эффективнее, чем при работе с внешними службами?

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