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Wal-Mart Asda refutes ‘green’ survey

Wal-Mart-owned Asda has reacted angrily to reports about a survey that claims to have created a league table of the “greenest” supermarkets in the UK, with Asda coming near the bottom. The retailer has stated: “We’re really miffed about the way this inaccurate and misleading report has been put together. We want to nail the nonsense that Asda is trailing behind other supermarkets.” The report, commissioned by Consumer Focus, rates Asda as a D performer based on ‘mystery shopping’ trips round supermarkets. The retailer asserts that it fails to take into account so much of what Asda is doing to lead the way among supermarkets in taking action on climate change, waste and sustainability.


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Wal-Mart Asda refutes ‘green’ surveyWal-Mart, Asda