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McDonald’s profit up 6% in Q3

McDonald’s has reported that global comparable sales increased 3.8% in its third quarter, the period ended 30 September. This included a 2.5% increase in the US, a 5.8% increase in Europe and a 2.2% rise in its Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region (APMEA). In constant currencies, operating income increased 6% in the US, 10% in Europe and 21% in APMEA, with Australia and China leading the way for them.

The company reported that net income increased 6% to USD1.26 billion for the quarter. However, revenue fell 4% to USD6.05 billion, impacted by currency fluctuations. CEO Jim Skinner, commented: "We begin the fourth quarter from a position of strength, and I am confident that our focus on the customer and commitment to financial discipline will continue to deliver long-term profitable growth for our system and our shareholders. For October, despite a declining informal eating out market around the world, we expect consolidated comparable sales to remain positive."

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McDonald’s profit up 6% in Q3McDonald, profit