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Delhaize Group tests new store concept in Belgium

Delhaize Group has opened a new concept store called Red Market in Belgium. Based around easy shopping, competitive prices and outstanding service, the store offers a limited range at lowered prices. It generally uses self-scanning, a new single line queuing system at the checkouts and extended opening hours. Delhaize Group hopes that the Red Market concept will allow it to get an even better insight into the needs of the Belgian customer, allowing it to test new systems and working methods.

The Red Market store in Gembloux incorporates elements of various store concepts that the group has recently developed and implemented across the world. Examples include the Bottom Dollar prototype that Food Lion recently opened in the US, the Hannaford concept store that opened in the US at the end of 2007 and the food Lion Discount stores launched by Alfa-Beta in Greece in 2008.

With a store area of almost 2,000 square metres, it offers more than 5,400 SKU with a focus on food, personal care and household products as well as a number of emergency items including kitchen utensils and stationery products. The store offers a limited number of brands in each product category, simplifying the selection process for customers.

The company says the store is presented simply with low shopping racks, large facings and ambient lighting making presentation convenient and clear. For example, wines are presented according to taste and not by origin. It claims to be functional store with wide and uncluttered aisles that do not have any product displays. Shoppers scan their purchases while shopping and place them directly into a bag, significantly reducing time spent at the checkout.


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Delhaize Group tests new store concept in BelgiumDelhaize Group, tests, new store concept, Belgium