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Amazon asked its staff to bare their bottoms

Staff at online retailer Amazon say it pressured them to drop their trousers for a mass mooning photograph as a response to a report in The Sunday Times about arduous working conditions at its Marston Gate warehouse in Bedfordshire. Staff at the warehouse said managers claimed the idea of the photograph came from Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder. One said: “The managers called everyone in and said they were going to have ‘a little bit of Christmas fun and light-hearted spirit’ in response to the article. It was to say ‘up yours to the papers’, that it was good working there and not as bad as it’s made out.” Another source said: “They were sending the supervisors to try to persuade people on a one-to-one basis. It’s ludicrous and a lot of the staff are upset about it.” More than 200 staff were eventually photographed – but waving to the camera instead of mooning. Amazon said: “This is something we are not aware of but it sounds like something that would have been said in jest.”



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Иннокентий Лукьянов, АСТ: «В работе с ритейлом исходим из потребностей индустрии, опираясь на лучшие предложения страховщиков»

Какие риски и как страхует ритейл, как снизить стоимость страхования и когда страховой консалтинг необходим бизнесу?

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