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Walmart to test instore collection lockers

Walmart in the US is to begin trialling instore lockers to hold goods ordered online for shopper collection, reports Reuters. It also intends to double the number of stores able to fill online orders. The move is seen as an attempt to match Amazon's distribution network. The lockers will initially appear in about 12 US stores from the summer.

Walmart also plans a limited expansion of a running test to ship online orders from bricks and mortar stores. In 2013, the company plans to double the scheme to about 50 outlets. Using stores as fulfillment centers closer to shoppers allows for offer same-day and next-day delivery of online orders "at very low cost", said Joel Anderson, Walmart.com Chief Executive, speaking at the company's first global e-commerce media day on 26 March.

Product assortment available at Walmart.com grew 35-40% to two million items in 2012 and the company plans to double that this year.

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Walmart to test instore collection lockers Walmart, Amazon