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Pharmacy Chain 36.6 sales and profit up in 2011

Russian drugstore operator Pharmacy Chain 36.6 has posted a 6% rise in consolidated sales from ongoing operations to RUB21.6 billion (USD738.1 million). EBITDA grew 25% to RUB2.2 billion (USD75.1 million) while consolidated gross profit climbed 14% to RUB9.7 billion (USD331.5 million). Consolidated net profit before loss on early loan repayments was RUB200 million (USD6.8 million) compared to a net loss of RUB391 million (USD13.4 million) in fiscal 2010.

Net sales in the retail pharmacy segment edged up 1% to RUB14.4 billion (USD492.1 million), gross profit increased 13% to RUB4.9 billion (USD167.4 million) - mainly due to the product mix change focusing on health & beauty and private label product development - and EBITDA reached RUB293 million (USD10 million). During fiscal 2011, the retailer opened 54 new stores and closed 38, resulting in a total of 1,005 pharmacies, 10 standalone opticians and 21 additional opticians departments within pharmacies.

Andrei Slivchenko, CEO Pharmacy Chain 36.6, said: “Significant growth was achieved mainly due to a strategic change in assortment portfolio aiming at private label products development and increasing its share in pharmacy sales. In 2011, sales of private label products reached RUB1.9 billion, representing 13% of overall pharmacy sales. Our key objectives for 2012 are launching a new brand of pharmacy Leko, aiming at the economy market segment, and improve 36.6 pharmacies' efficiency in order to attract more customers and improve returns. We will also continue developing our private label products with the goal to increase the share of private label products in total retail sales to 20%.”

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Pharmacy Chain 36.6 sales and profit up in 2011 Pharmacy Chain