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Otto Group Hermes parcel service enters Russia

Otto Group-owned business-to-consumer parcel delivery service Hermes, backbone of the company’s mail order and e-commerce retail operations, has entered the Russian consumer parcels market under its European expansion strategy. The company has formed an alliance with a Moscow-based supermarket chain and set up 10 Parcel Shops, Hanjo Schneider, Otto Group logistics board member and head of Hermes Europe, told the magazine One-to-one in an interview. “Once that has started well, we will make a gradual rollout,” he said. Otto Group claims to be the country’s mail order market leader and recently took over Quelle Russia from Arcandor (KarstadtQuelle). “Russia is a significant growth market, where we see plenty of potential,” he commented.


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Otto Group Hermes parcel service enters RussiaOtto Group Hermes, enters Russia