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Carrefour sees increased uptake of private label

Carrefour CEO Lars Olofsson said that consumers in Western Europe are buying more of the company’s private label, The Wall Street Journal reported. He also said that the company is maintaining sales and seeing a slight increase in volume. Commenting on the renewed focus on its French operations, Oloffson said: "We're No 1 in France. Where's the strength of Wal-Mart today? It's in the US. Where's the strength of Tesco? In the UK. Where's the strength of Carrefour? International. We have to come back to the basics. As my father always said, before you become a couturier, you have to be a good tailor in your hometown." The CEO also added that the retailer would not be entering the US as "for the moment, I'd rather take good ideas and exploit them wherever I am, not start up a new battlefield".


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Carrefour sees increased uptake of private labelCarrefour, private label