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Consumers worldwide see advertising as key to economic growth

Seven in ten consumers agree that advertising contributes to economic growth, while eight in ten agree that advertising helps create jobs, according to a survey of 25,420 consumers in 50 countries including Russia conducted by The Nielsen Company for the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) in March-April 2009.

Consumers’ views on the economic benefits of advertising are broadly consistent across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. In Russia 74% of online consumers agree that advertising contributes to the economic growth, and 85% agree that advertising helps create jobs.

Additionally, 68% of global consumers feel that, as a critical driver of competition between companies, advertising leads to better products and lower prices. However, in Russia consumers are less optimistic: this opinion is shared by 63% of respondents.

The survey also shows a clear majority of consumers across all markets understand the importance of advertising and sponsorship as a critical source of funding for exhibitions, cultural and sporting events (81%) and the media (67%).

In Russia where sponsorship remains one of the most trusted forms of advertiser-led advertising, this important role of advertising is highly estimated by even larger share of the participants of Nielsen-WFA report (89% in Russia vs. 79% globally).

The survey also revealed some interesting discrepancies between the attitudes of consumers across regions about advertising as a source of information.

Said Jonathan Carson, President of Online, International for The Nielsen Company: “European consumers appear to be more sceptical, with only half agreeing that advertising helps them make better choices. Russians are as sceptical (47%). Consumers in the rest of the world are much more enthusiastic: four out of five Latin Americans, three quarters of consumers in Asia-Pacific and seven in ten in North America agree”.

When asked whether advertising is entertaining, 79% in Latin America, 76% in Asia-Pacific and 59% in North America agreed. In contrast, almost half of European consumers and 54% in Russia disagreed.

WFA has partnered with The Nielsen Company in order to gauge consumer attitudes to advertising as part of a broader campaign to champion advertising at a time when policy makers worldwide are considering introducing new restrictions. For more information see www.valueofadvertising.org.

Said Stephan Loerke, WFA Managing Director: “Advertising is a powerful economic stimulus, and consumers are clearly aware of this. But, we still have more work to do so that governments, too, understand the important role it plays and take this into account when formulating policy.”

A copy of the Nielsen Report can be viewed here.



About The Nielsen Company

The Nielsen Company is a global information and media company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and business publications (Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek). The privately held company is active in more than 100 countries, with headquarters in New York, USA. For more information, please visit, www.nielsen.com 

About the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)

WFA is the voice of advertisers worldwide representing 90% of global marketing communications expenditures through a unique, global network: 57 national advertiser associations on five continents as well as direct multi-national corporate members. Through the network, WFA represents more than 10,000 businesses operating in a broad spectrum of sectors at national, regional and global levels. WFA has a dual mission: to champion responsible commercial communications and to facilitate a media environment which stimulates maximum effectiveness of ad spend. More at www.wfanet.org   



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Consumers worldwide see advertising as key to economic growthConsumers, advertising