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Leclerc announces a 6.7% sales increase

French retailer Leclerc has announced a 6.7% increase in sales, reporting EUR34.7 billion (USD50.77 billion) in sales for 2008. In France, sales grew to EUR32.3 billion (USD47.26 billion), a rise of 6.4% (4.37% excluding petrol sales) year-on-year.

Leclerc attributed this growth to strong sales of FMCG products, particularly private labels, with the group's Marque Repère and Eco economy lines seeing a rise of 2.4% in 2008 to account for 31.4% of sales. Sales of electrical and white goods grew by 3.6%, while clothing and textile ranges saw a reduction of 1.2%. In 2009, the retailer expects similar growth of around 4%.

To achieve this projected growth, the retailer has a number of new store openings planned, including 15 L’Auto, 10 Brico-Jardi, 25 Espaces Culturels, 10 E.Leclerc Voyages, 10 Manèges à Bijoux, 15 Parapharmacies, 20 perfumeries 1h pour Soi, 4 Sport et Loisirs, 29 espaces Optique and 80 Loué chez E. Leclerc.


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Leclerc announces a 6.7% sales increaseLeclerc, sales increase