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Zavvi Christmas vouchers now 'worthless'

Zavvi, the UK’s beleaguered entertainment chain, which went into administration on Christmas Eve, has said that anyone given Zavvi gift vouchers for Christmas will be disappointed if they try to use them as they are now worthless in stores and would not be accepted. As a result, shoppers are unable to spend the gifts on cut-price books, CDs and DVDs in Zavvi's 'Clearout' sale. A spokeswoman for the company's administrators, Ernst and Young, confirmed the problem: "Correct, it's not possible for vouchers to be spent in stores." A short message on the Zavvi website urged owners of vouchers bought after 27 November to write to the joint administrators in the hope of receiving a full refund, which should be 'expected'. However, those with vouchers bought before this date will have to register an unsecured claim and have a much slimmer chance of a refund. Its 125 stores opened as normal on Boxing Day for the post-Christmas sales. However, the jobs of more than 3,400 workers remain insecure.



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