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Metro Cash&Carry updates on Cash & Carry in Ukraine

Metro Cash & Carry is implementing turnaround measures to revive its Ukraine business. The banner plans to increase its focus on its professional customers. These are primarily from SMEs, who have been most impacted by challenging economic conditions.

The improvements cover all aspects of the business, such as sourcing policy, product range, pricing strategy, promotions, merchandising and building maintenance, to strengthen the Metro Group-owned banner’s position in the market.

Klaus Rättig, Managing Director of Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine, stated: “I can say on behalf of the whole Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine team, that we are all very confident about the company’s prosperous future in the country. It is now a key moment for us to implement changes, show our business new horizons and open new opportunities both for us and our professional customers. We strongly believe that our mission is to grow our business together with the businesses of our customers,”

When contacted by Planet Retail, Metro Group denied rumours about a potential divestment of Metro Cash & Carry in Ukraine.

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Metro Cash&Carry updates on Cash & Carry in Ukraine Metro Cash&Carry