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Pharmacy Chain 36.6 to sell private labels through state pharmacies


Russia-based Pharmacy Chain 36.6 is to begin selling its private labels to government-controlled State Unitary Enterprises, Bryansk Farmatsia and Farmatsia. A letter of intent has also been signed with Gubernskie Apteki (provincial pharmacies) from the Krasnoyarsk region. A number of state enterprises from the Tver and Tula regions as well as from other regions of the Central Federal District (CFD) have also expressed interest in the project.

Pharmacy Chain 36.6 offers 945 private label SKUs, manufactured at 85 certified domestic companies located in 21 regions of the Russian Federation. The retailer said that lack of advertising costs allow the goods to be delivered and sold at prices 10-15% lower than equivalent brands.

Sergey Krivosheev, Chairman of the Board of Directors said: “Pharmacy Chain 36.6, listed among the backbone enterprises in Russia, is aware of its social responsibility to the population. This is why we took an active part in implementation of the state program aimed at development of the pharmaceutical industry and drafted the federal retail import substitution program, which not only will encourage domestic producers’ development, but also will improve the quality and availability of pharmaceutical care to the population of Russia.”

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