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Today The Trade Law of Russia was put in force

1 February 2010 The Trade Law of Russia was put in force. New Law restricts bonus demanded from suppliers by Russian retailers and limiting market shares of biggest Russian retailers. But application of this Law will be denied in 180 days. For this period retailers have to make theirs contracts according to the new Law. Till this time retailers are prolonging theirs old contracts.

By new Law entered restrictions for opening new stores for retailers that already have share more than 25% in volume of sales on territorial subject of the Russian Federation.

Also by new Law fixed the terms of payment for shipments – 10 days (beginning the date of supply) in case of expire day of goods are less then 10 days, 10-30 days for goods that have expire day about 30 days, for others goods – not later then 45 days beginning the date of supply.


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