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SuperValu names some locations to be closed

SuperValu, the US supermarket chain, has named some of the locations to be closed as part of the retailer’s plan to shut 50 stores. Six stores will be closing in Las Vegas by February, including four Lucky stores and two Albertsons. “Albertsons and Lucky continuously evaluate their stores to identify opportunities to strengthen their overall business,” Albertsons spokeswoman Lilia Rodriguez said in a statement. “While the decision to close a store is always difficult, given the impact on associates and customers, it is guided by what is best for the company’s ongoing success and future growth.” Two of the company’s 44 Farm Fresh stores are also slated for closure. The stores, located in Virginia Beach, VA and Wilson, NC, will close on 24 January and 21 February respectively. SuperValu had already intended to close Virginia Beach store due to its proximity to a newer store in Chesapeake that opened 18 months ago. The Wilson store just opened in May, but SuperValu declined to answer questions about the closure. Another Albertsons store in Draper, Utah will reportedly close. Albertsons will also close one of its two stores in Lakewood, CA. There are no store closures planned for the state of Idaho.


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