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Moscow, 23-24 April 2009, Demonstration Hall at GUM Red Square

Concept of Department Store Focus 2009

Issue: The cooperation and relationship between department stores and suppliers is absolutely critical for mutual success to be achieved. One of the key drivers behind a fruitful and lasting cooperation is the ability to understand both the philosophy and ideas of one another and this should result in the ability to serve the customer even better.

Idea: The Department Store Focus is a new platform for department store companies and leading manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. It provides CEOs and senior executives with the opportunity of meeting in a truly global and stimulating environment where they are able to gain new insights and information.

Solution: For both partners, the flagship store plays a pivotal role in the company’s strategy. This is because it reflects the identity and the qualities of the brand. Flagship stores frequently represent the very beginning of a mutually successful cooperation and partnership. Furthermore, flagship stores create a strong DNA for the business, whilst bonding with customers and other stakeholders in a more effective way than any other concept. It is the clear ability of the flagship store to make history and write compelling stories that makes it the perfect stage for the retail theatre. Unquestionably, some department stores and suppliers have developed very powerful concepts and to analyze some of these success stories, IGDS is organizing the first Department Store Focus (DSF). Staged in Moscow, this event will be based around the theme of ‘Importance and Impact of Flagship Stores’ and will be facilitated with the collaboration of the GUM Department Store.

Benefits: The DSF provides a unique opportunity for department stores, supplier executives and retail stakeholders to engage in discussions. It offers the opportunity of understanding directly from leading CEOs on how they successfully solved such key issues as: Why a long-term flagship store philosophy is important? What are the key factors behind the success of a flagship store? What are the required investments? How does one efficiently manage a flagship store and what does it mean for the organization? How should the flagship store be positioned in relation to the other company stores? What are the benefits of flagship stores? How do flagship stores add value to the business? How do flagship stores help department stores and suppliers experience a ‘win-win’ scenario?

Both time and privacy will be given to delegates to enable them to pursue individual discussions and meetings while at the conference.


The first DSF will take place at the famous GUM Red Square department store in Moscow. This is one of the most iconic retail buildings in the world, and the event will be staged at the splendid Demonstration Hall.

The DSF 2009 programme addresses the topic of ‘Impact and Importance of Flagship Stores’. Department Store CEOs and manufacturer/supplier CEOs will share their thoughts and ideas and discuss the important elements relating to how to manage the flagship store concept.   Considering the various positioning, store models and business challenges in their respective industries, the two day programme will be organized in the following two parts: the ‘Thursday Session’ and the ‘Friday Session’.

Well renowned and high caliber CEOs from department stores and suppliers/manufacturers from around the world will provide their input and speak about their challenges and visions:

-       The ‘Thursday Session’ is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, 23rd April 2009, and will provide the unique opportunity of listening to success stories presented by the CEOs of Bloomingdale’s, Daslu, E.Lauder, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Longchamp and Printemps.

-       The ‘Friday Session’ will take place in the morning of Friday, 24th April 2009. It will involve the CEOs of Alessi, Coin, John Lewis, Muji, Tangs, Zen Lifestyle Store and GUM sharing their interesting insights and key developments.

Each session will be concluded by a moderated CEO panel discussion, where delegates will be given the opportunity to join the discussion with the speakers.

Delegates will have the opportunity of visiting the Gum Red Square on Friday afternoon.

The Official Dinner and the first Department Store Supplier Award ceremony will be held on Thursday evening, 23rd April 2009 and all of the delegates and participants of the DSF will be invited to this event.

Speaker List

The DSF is delighted to present the following list of outstanding speakers. These individuals are highly experienced in the management of flagship stores and represent well renowned companies in their industry. The confirmed speakers include (in alphabetical order):

. Mr Alberto Alessi             Managing Director

                                               Alessi, Italy


. Mr Stefano Beraldo        General Manager & Managing Director

                                               GruppoCoin, Milan


. Mr Jean Cassegrain       CEO

                                               Longchamp, France


. Mr Paolo De Cesare       CEO

                                               Printemps, Paris


. Mr Tiang Sooi Foo            CEO

                                               Tangs, Singapore


. Mr Michael Gould           Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

                                               Bloomingdale’s, New York


. Mr Teymuraz Guguberidze CEO & Managing Director

                                               GUM, Moscow


. Mr Mikhail Kusnirovich    Chairman

                                               BoscodeCieglio, Moscow


. Mr Leonard A. Lauder    Chairman

                                               EstéeLauder, USA


. Mr Tadamitsu Matsui     Chairman & Representative Director

                                               Muji, Japan


. Mr James McArthur       CEO

                                               Harrods, London


. Prof Dr Helmut Merkel    President



. Mr Allan Namchaisiri      President

                                               ZEN Lifestyle Store, Bangkok


. Mr Gareth Thomas         Board Member & Director of Retail Design/ Development

                                               JohnLewis, London


. Ms Eliana Tranchesi        CEO

                                               Daslu, Sao Paulo


. Mr Joseph Wan                Group Chief Executive

                                               HarveyNichols, London


Conference Venue: Demonstration Hall at GUM Red Square

It is a great honor and privilege to stage the first Department Store Focus at the GUM - one of the most elegant and prestigious venues in the world. The conference will be held at the well-known Demonstration Hall, which was built at a time when native cinema was just emerging. The Hall was recently reconstructed and the social events and meetings of high society now take place within its beautifully-restored interiors.

With a facade extending 242 meters along the eastern side of Red Square, GUM has been since its creation between 1890 and 1893 an essential actor of the Russian merchant activity, with the exception of the period 1917-1953 during which GUM was hosting government departments. Since its rebirth in 1953, GUM has been a prime shopping destination in Moscow and offers today on 80,000 square meters a selection of 200 stores and restaurants presenting one of the most complete and exclusive assortment in the world.


Department Store Supplier Award 2009 & Official Dinner

For the first time, an international Award for the best manufacturer/supplier serving the department store industry will be given. By awarding the best Department Store Supplier 2009, the department store industry recognizes and underlines the important cooperation and relationship with suppliers. In cooperation with Roland Berger Consulting and a distinguished international jury, three companies will be elected to win each category. The ceremony will take place during the Official Dinner, which all delegates are welcome to attend.


Programme Outline

The detailed programme for the Summit will be available at the beginning of 2009.


Day 1 – Thursday, 23rd April 2009

12.00        Welcome Coffee / Tea in the foyer / Registration Desk open


12.50        Meet in GUM Red Square at Demonstration Hall (1st floor)


13.00        Welcome

By Mr Mikhail Kusnirovich, Chairman of Bosco de Cieglio, Moscow


13.10        Opening

                  By Prof Dr Helmut Merkel, President of IGDS


13.15        Thursday Session

Confirmed speakers include (alphabetical order)


                  . Mr Leonard Lauder, Chairman of Estée Lauder, USA

                  . Ms Eliane Tranchesi, CEO of Daslu, Sao Paulo

                  . Mr Joseph Wan, Group Chief Executive of Harvey Nichols, London

                  Panel Discussion I


                                    Refreshment break


                  . Mr Paolo De Cesare, CEO of Printemps, Paris

                  . Mr Michael Gould, Chairman & Chief Executive of Bloomingdale’s, New York

. Mr Jean Cassegrain, CEO of Longchamp, France

                  . Mr James McArthur, CEO of Harrods, London

                  Panel Discussion II


17.45        Moderator’s closing remarks


20.30        Official Dinner

                  Department Store Supplier Awards 2009         


Day 2 - Friday, 24th April 2009

08.30        Welcome Coffee/Tea in the foyer

                        Registration Desk open


08.50        Meet in GUM Red Square at Demonstration Hall (1st floor)


09.00        Welcome and introduction by Moderator


09.05        Friday Session

                  Confirmed speakers include (in alphabetical order):


                  . Mr Tiang Sooi Foo, CEO of Tangs, Singapore

                  . Mr Tadamitsu Matsui,Chairman & Representative Director of Muji, Japan

                  . Mr Allan Namchaisiri, President of ZEN Lifestyle Store, Bangkok

                  Panel Discussion III


                                    Refreshment break


                  . Mr Alberto Alessi, Managing Director of Alessi, Italy

                  . Mr Stefano Beraldo, Managing Director of GruppoCoin, Milan

                  . Mr Gareth Thomas, Board Member of John Lewis, London

                  . Mr Teymuraz Guguberidze, CEO & Managing Director of GUM, Moscow

                  Panel Discussion IV


12.45        Conclusion


13.00        Aperitif and Light Buffet


                  Free time for delegates / Store Visit to Gum Department Store


The first Department Store Focus 2009 (DSF) will be organized by IGDS (Intercontinental Group of Department Stores) in cooperation with GUM Department Store, Moscow.


At the end of the Soviet era, GUM was partially privatized and it passed through a number of owners before ending up in the hands of the supermarket chain Perekryostok. In May 2005, a 50.25% interest was sold to Bosco di Ciliegi, a Russian luxury-goods distributor and boutique operator. As a private shopping mall, it was renamed in such a way that it would retain its old abbreviation and remain GUM. The first word "Gosudarstvennyj" has been replaced with "Glavnyj" (Rus. Главный) 'main', so that GUM is now an abbreviation for "Main Department Store". Further information can be found by visiting: www.gum.ru.


IGDS (Intercontinental Group of Department Stores)

IGDS is the largest global Association for Department Stores, providing exclusive support and services to more than 32 leading Department Stores throughout the world. IGDS was founded in 1946 in Switzerland by eight European Department Stores that aimed to develop common synergies. Following 62 years of experience, IGDS comprises one of the most unique and vibrant retail networks known to the industry: 32 members in 30 countries with total sales of over US$60 billion in 2007. Further information relating to IGDS can be found by visiting the following website - www.dsfocus.org

IGDS is a non-profit organization.

How To Attend?

The programme and relevant information (speakers list, detailed day programme, venue details and registration procedure) are only available via the DSF website.

A cost contribution of €870 is request to attend the DSF. This will cover the two conference segments and the Official Dinner.

In keeping with our environmental objectives, we will not be sending out any printed invitations.

To register, please proceed to: http://www.dsfocus.org.


Important Travel Advise

We strongly recommend that you book your airline ticket and hotel accommodation (please refer to Appendix I) as soon as possible.

In addition, please review your visa requirements in due time. Your hotel and travel agent should be able to assist you on this matter.

When in Moscow, we suggest that you make your transportation arrangements well in advance. It is difficult to find taxis at any given moment. We recommend that you use the concierge service of your hotel.

Hotel Address

For a list of hotels in Moscow, please refer to the Appendix I.



Should you have any additional questions or queries, please contact:

Ms Jrène Jost

Conference Coordinator


T  +41 44 295 3083   or F +41 44 291 5000

Appendix I: Hotel Address

Here a list of hotel addresses in Moscow. Please note that DSF and IGDS have no agreement with the hotels or made any bookings or reservations.


5 Star Hotels

Golden Ring Hotel

Smolenskaya Street, Moscow,

Russia, 119121

Tel:  +7 ...



Le Royal Meridien National Hotel

15/1 Mokhovaya Street

Moskau 125009

Tel:  +7 ...



Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Hotel

Ul. Balchug, 1

115035 Moscow

Tel:  +7 ...



Hotel Ararat Park Hyatt

4 Neglinnaya Street

Moscow 109012

Tel:  +7 ...



Marriott Grand Hotel

26/1 Tverskaya Street

Moscow 125009

Tel:  +7 ...



The Ritz – Carlton

3-5 Tverskaya Street

Moscow 125009

Tel: +7 7 495 225 8888



4 Star Hotels

Novotel Center Moscow

Novoslobodskaya str 23

127055 Moscow

Tel:  +7 ...


4 Star Hotels

Hotel Marriott Tverskaya

34 1st Tverskaya - Yamskaya

Moscow, 125047

Tel:  +7 ...



Renaissance Moscow Hotel (Marriott)

Olympiski prospect, 18/1,

Moscow, 129110

Tel:  +7 ...



Hotel Savoy

3/6, b.1, Rozhdestvenka

Moscow, 109012

Tel:  +7 ...



Hotel Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya

Europe Square 2

Moscow, 121059

Tel:  +7 ...



3 Star Hotels


Hotel Ulanskaya

Ulansky per., 16, bld.1A

Moscow 101000

Tel:  +7 ...



Hotel Golden Apple

(walking distance to Red Square)

11 Malaya Dmitrovka Street

Moscow 127006 Russia

Tel:  +7 ...



Hotel Budapest

2/18, Petrovskie Linii

Moscow, 127051

Tel:  +7 ...



Link for different Hotel options:



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