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Weis Markets discounts staple items

Weis Markets in the USA has announced that it has lowered prices on thousands of its staple items and implemented a 90-day price freeze on these items. This price freeze is effective through to 1 April 2009. Weis Markets President David J Hepfinger said: "With consumer confidence at an all-time low and the poor economy, we know that our customers are looking for long-term ways to save money. While our weekly promotions offer our customers an excellent way to save money and reduce their costs, we wanted to go the extra mile by freezing and lowering the prices on thousands of our staple items, both brand name and store brand, over the long-term for 90 days." The price freeze items include private label and brand name products in centre store, frozen, dairy, produce, meat, deli and bakery. The Price Freeze programme is being promoted in Weis Markets' current print, television and radio ads. In stores, customers will see special Price Freeze shelf tags on participating items.



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Сергей Костин, «1С-БСЛ»: «Основная проблема доставки последней мили – прогнозируемость эффективности курьерского юнита»

Когда собственная доставка может быть экономически эффективнее, чем при работе с внешними службами?

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