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McDonald’s opens unbranded outlets in Japan

According to local reports, McDonald’s has converted two outlets in Tokyo to completely non-branded restaurants, which sell nothing but Quarter Pounders. The ‘Quarter Pounder’ outlets are positioned under a completely new identity and are missing the McDonald's brand name. Rather than the typical golden arches, the restaurants have a minimalist black and red striped exterior and interior, featuring Le Corbusier sofas and simple red and black packaging. With this initiative McDonald’s seems to be cleverly launching the premium Quarter Pounder burger to Japan. The menu consists of single and double Quarter Pounders only, a product which is new to Japan and not yet available on a national scale in traditional McDonald’s outlets. The campaign also includes a competition asking applicants to name the fast-food chain that has launched the Quarter Pounder outlets and has been generating some attention, particularly through viral marketing.



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Иннокентий Лукьянов, АСТ: «В работе с ритейлом исходим из потребностей индустрии, опираясь на лучшие предложения страховщиков»

Какие риски и как страхует ритейл, как снизить стоимость страхования и когда страховой консалтинг необходим бизнесу?

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