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Papa John’s enters Turkey counting on marketing strategy

Papa John’s has announced that it will inaugurates it first outlet in Turkey, its 500th internationally and celebrate 10 years of international operations. David Flanery, Chief Financial Officer and Head of the International Operations said: "We are very pleased with the steady growth of Papa John's in the international arena over the last 10 years. With more than 500 restaurants operating in 29 countries and territories, we are able to deliver on our 'Better Ingredients. Better Pizza' brand promise in virtually every corner of the world, from Europe to Asia, and South America to the Middle East." Flanery added: "International development is the long-term growth engine for Papa John's and we will continue to bring a better pizza experience to more and more consumers around the world."

To continue the celebration over the coming weeks, Papa John's will undertake an international sampling programme of the company's signature pizzas in most overseas outlets. The specific dates and details for the initiative will be communicated in each market. Papa John's Vice President, International Marketing, Tim Scott said: "The global sampling programme is our way of thanking customers around the world who have helped make Papa John's a key player in the global pizza market. It also gives those consumers who have not yet had a chance to try our products the opportunity to taste for themselves how much better a pizza made with superior-quality ingredients tastes."

Papa John’s needed an important occasion such as the celebration of 10 years of international operations to enter Turkey ‘loudly’. Papa John’s knows that it is taking a challenge in a market where, notwithstanding the increase of local pizza demand, competitor Domino’s is already present with more than 100 outlets. Last September, Domino’s Vice President of International Operations, Micheal Lawton, said: “Turkey plays an important role in our operations. In terms of stores it is among the 15 top countries for Domino's Pizza and in terms of sales among the top 20.” Domino’s expected turnover from Turkey in 2008 is USD75 million. Additionally, pizza chain Sbarro entered the country last year and is already operating with more than 20 outlets. For sure, Papa John’s will put major efforts into its marketing activity in order to build brand awareness quickly. Nevertheless, the company has not yet disclosed detailed plans for the country.


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