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Tesco criticised for labour policies in foreign markets

UK retailer Tesco has been criticised by an international trade union group over its labour policies in some foreign countries, the Independent reported. The retailer has hit back, calling the attack “politically motivated”. The UNI Tesco Global Union Alliance unveiled the first of a series of research reports criticising the retailer’s treatment of staff in Thailand, South Korea and the US. The union alleges that Tesco South Korea “forced” employees to work up to 20 hours a week of unpaid “voluntary” overtime and employed contract workers on lower pay, allowances and job security than permanent employees. In Thailand, the UNI Tesco Global Alliance claims the retailer required employees to work two shifts of 18 hours back-to-back.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: "This is a politically motivated report paid for by a union which is trying to recruit more members. The reports are a travesty and misrepresent the truth. Uni are using a standard tack of going to far off places, producing reports which are very difficult for people in the UK to check. We do check these matters and can tell you that the allegations are untrue. Wherever we operate in the world, all staff are free to join trade unions and can voice their opinions in a number of ways, including our anonymous annual staff survey."


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Tesco criticised for labour policies in foreign marketsTesco, labour policies, foreign markets
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