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Carrefour reportedly to re-enter Algeria

Carrefour is reportedly planning a new hypermarket in Sétif, in north-east Algeria, Jeune Afrique reports. According to the information website, the French retailer is in advanced negotiations with shopping centre operator Sierra Cevital. Apparently, the store will be 7,800 square metres (84,000 square feet) in size. A final decision should be given in the coming weeks. Carrefour refused to comment.

In 2009, Carrefour and Algerian group Arcofina ended their partnership agreement, less than two years after it was established. At the time, Carrefour commented: "The concept of mass distribution does not work in Algeria." Only one of the 18 outlets planned for 2012 ever opened. Arcofina explained the delay was due to difficulties in finding available land to open hypermarkets. The partnership may have also been undermined by difficulties in ensuring a reliable supply chain in the country.

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Carrefour reportedly to re-enter Algeria Carrefour