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Auchan to rebrand all Metro Group’s Russian Real stores in 2013

Auchan’s Russian Sales Director, Wilhelm Hubner, says Metro Group’s 16 Real hypermarkets are to be rebranded by the end of 2013. The acquired outlets range between 6,000-11,000 square metres (65,000-118,000 square feet). They will be converted to Auchan or Auchan City banners depending on their size.

Talking to Prime newspaper, Hubner stated: “After the inauguration of the first store, we will meet to discuss the success of the conversion. Depending on the reaction of our customers and staff, we will do final adjustments. Our goal is to finish everything by the end of this year.”

It is estimated it would take between four to six weeks to rebrand each store. In parallel, the French retailer is planning to open four new Russian hypermarkets this year, and a further 10 in 2014.

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Auchan to rebrand all Metro Group’s Russian Real stores in 2013 Metro Group, Auchan, retailer