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Walmart launches health food savings scheme

US retailer Walmart has partnered with HumanaVitality, a subsidiary of the Humana healthcare company, to launch a national health food programme. The Vitality HealthyFood scheme offers members an incentive to purchase healthier foods by offering a 5% discount on items awarded Walmart’s ‘Great For You’ symbol. The scheme is scheduled to begin on 15 October.

Shoppers can join the programme at any Walmart stores and will receive their card after accepting the terms and conditions at HumanaVitality.com or Humana.com and taking a health assessment. Savings will be loaded onto the member’s card as a credit within five business days and can be used on the next shopping trip.

John Agwunobi, MD, President of Health and Wellness for Walmart US, stated: “Price is an important factor in incentivising wellness in America. By offering affordable, healthier foods, we will help make our customers healthier and reduce costs to our healthcare system as a whole. “

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