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McDonald’s to add 1,000 new outlets next year

McDonald’s is planning to invest USD2.4 billion next year opening 1,000 new outlets and remodelling 2,300 existing restaurants. The new locations will be concentrated in core markets including China, Australia, Russia, Germany, France and the US. It is expected that 150 new outlets will be added to the US, 260 in Europe, 490 in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia, 80 in Latin America and 20 in Canada. The company hopes that the revamped outlets will give it more scope to increase prices and add premium products as the economy improves. The company is testing new products such as Mac snack wraps, new salads and desserts. As part of its strategy to become a ‘beverage destination’ it also plans to roll out frappes and smoothies by mid-2010. The company is also in discussions to add a USD1 breakfast menu in the US, as the day part has been harmed by the struggling economy. 


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McDonald’s to add 1,000 new outlets next yearMcDonald