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McDonald’s puts marketing push behind employee singing contest

McDonald’s is holding a nationwide singing contest, the Voice of McDonald’s, for its employees in the US. What started as a fun internal event for its staff now has a significant marketing push behind it, particularly through social media. Last spring the chain received 10,000 entries, from which it has chosen 30 semi-finalists. The company will soon release production-quality videos for each performer and allow consumers to vote for the final 12 to appear at its global conference next April. The final winner will take prize money of USD25,000.

The chain will have a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Regional marketing teams have also been given the tools to promote contestants from their own area, including instore displays, personalised "vote for me" cards, avatars for social media sites, performances for guests and special voting days.


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McDonald’s puts marketing push behind employee singing contestMcDonald’s