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Metro Group aims to combine RFID and article surveillance with Checkpoint

Metro Group has started a project aiming to combine RFID identification at item level with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) in its textile business. The project is based on the guidelines of the standardisation bodies GS1 and EPCglobal and is the next step in the RFID deployment at Metro Group’s department store Kaufhof which began in 2007. For the combination of identification and theft protection with RFID labels, Metro Group has chosen EAS specialist Checkpoint Systems.

“Metro Group is working with Checkpoint to deliver standards-compliant, RFID-based EAS to both mitigate loss and optimise our merchandise management,” said Dr Gerd Wolfram, Head of Metro Group’s CIO-Office. “This effort is in line with our stated RFID strategy to use tags for multiple purposes along the supply chain. We are pleased to continue our partnership with Checkpoint and we are convinced that the GS1 enhanced standards-based solutions are bringing benefits for retailers and suppliers.”



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Metro Group aims to combine RFID and article surveillance with CheckpointRFID, Metro Group