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Carrefour celebrates 50 years of the Carrefour brand

Carrefour will celebrate its birthday over 50 days, from today to November 11, with a number of promotions. Loyalty cardholders can download a widget to receive the offers in advance on their computers. The campaign will be supported by a microsite called www.50ans.carrefour.fr. Seven short humorous videos featuring Philippe Candeloro, a French Olympic medal winning figure skater, alongside game of skill with a trip for two worth EUR30,000 (USD42,000) up for grabs, among others rewards, are posted on the website.

In addition to "exceptional" discounts and EUR10 (USD14) vouchers, Carrefour is running two spot offers per day, both in food and non-food. The retailer will also organise exclusive flash sales for its "friends" on Facebook (called "faceshopping" by the retailer). A site for mobile phones connected to the internet (m.carrefour.fr) will be launched. Mobile phone holders can then discover promotions, find a store, build a shopping list or view recipes. Radio advertising is also on the cards with spots revealing the "good shopping plans" of Jeanne, a customer of Carrefour, with music from Happy Days.


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Carrefour celebrates 50 years of the Carrefour brandCarrefour