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SuperValu reshuffles management team

SuperValu has announced that it will realign its retail operations following the retirement of Mike Jackson, President and Chief Operating Officer, and Kevin Tripp, Executive Vice President and President of the company’s Retail Midwest region, effective 14 August. Craig Herkert, who joined the company in May as CEO, will assume the additional role of President. SuperValu’s three retail regions will be combined under Pete Van Helden, who will become Executive Vice President, Retail Operations. Van Helden currently serves as Executive Vice President, Retail West. The Save-A-Lot banner will report to Herkert, and Bristol Farms will continue to report to Pamela Knous, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The company also announced plans to create a new health and wellness division to facilitate stronger alignment between its pharmacy operations and its health and beauty offering, creating a total health and wellness experience for customers. This new division will be led by Duncan Mac Naughton, Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing. "This is another critical step in the implementation of our centrally-led merchandising model, designed to fully leverage SuperValu’s scale while preserving our local relevance. Pete and Duncan will work closely together to ensure a smooth and effective transition," said Herkert.


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