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Wal-Mart posts flat Q1 profit

Wal-Mart has reported that net sales for the first quarter declined 0.6% to USD93.471 billion, primarily due to the negative impact of currency exchange rates. On a constant currency basis, net sales rose 4.5% to USD98.307 billion. Comparable stores sales, excluding fuel, were up 3.7% (3.6% in the US and 4.2% at Sam’s Club). In the US, total sales increased 3.8% to USD61.244 billion. Meanwhile, international sales declined 11.1% to USD21.263 billion and total sales for the Sam’s Club segment decreased 1.4% to USD10.964 billion. Income from continuing operations was relatively flat at USD3.030 billion. “We’re pleased to report that fiscal year 2010 is off to a very good start,” said Mike Duke, President and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores. “These results were achieved in the face of a very challenging global economy. When economic conditions improve, we believe customers who shop Wal-Mart today will stay with us, because of the business improvements we’re making and continue to make. Across the company, we are building our brand by reducing costs, sharpening our merchandising and updating our stores. Customers trust Wal-Mart. As a result of the increasing shift to value, they have long term loyalty to the Wal-Mart brand because we save them money.”


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Wal-Mart posts flat Q1 profitWal-Mart, profit