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Wal-Mart to offer 90-day supply of prescriptions for USD10

US-based Wal-Mart has announced a pilot programme in Michigan which will offer a 90-day supply of 300 generic prescriptions, each for USD10 with free mail delivery. Consumers across the state will be able to take advantage of this new affordable pharmacy programme from Walmart by calling 1-800-2REFILL. The retailer’s free mail delivery programme has no membership or no enrolment fees. "When we launched our USD4 prescription program in 2006, it truly changed the pharmacy landscape. Consumers were finally able to significantly save on the medications they needed," said Dr John Agwunobi, Walmart's President of the Health and Wellness division. "So we asked ourselves 'what more can we do,' and vowed to continue looking for opportunities that would bring greater value and convenience to consumers. Our USD10 mail delivery prescription pilot programme is a reflection of Walmart's commitment to drive unnecessary costs out of the health care system so Americans can live healthier, better lives. Now, regardless of whether consumers in Michigan have a Walmart pharmacy in their local community or not, we can help save them money." In addition to the 300 generic prescriptions for USD10 each, Walmart's free mail delivery programme provides access to more than 3,000 other affordable brand and generic prescriptions, making it convenient for shoppers to fill all their prescriptions via one simple and affordable programme, especially if they don't live near a Walmart store or Sam's Club pharmacy.


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Wal-Mart to offer 90-day supply of prescriptions for USD10Wal-Mart, supply