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McDonald’s extends deals with Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper

McDonald’s has announced agreements with Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper Snapple Group to expand the range of fountain and bottled drinks it sells in the US. It comes as part of McDonald’s ‘combined beverages strategy’ to become more of a beverage destination. Coca-Cola has announced a ‘refreshed’ line-up of beverages. Starting this year, the core fountain line-up at McDonald’s 14,000 US restaurants will include Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Hi-C Orange. Other Coca-Cola brands including Powerade, Sprite Zero, Fanta Grape, Fanta Strawberry, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Barq’s Root Beer, Minute Maid Lemonade and Minute Maid Lemonade Light, will be made available as regional fountain options. Coke Zero will also be added to select restaurants due to its success in the US. McDonald’s will also offer a wider range of bottled beverages. Coca-Colas Dasani bottled water will remain a core national bottled beverage and Powerade Mountain Blast and vitaminwater XXX will be made available as regional bottle options. “Our relationship with Coca-Cola has never been stronger and I’m optimistic about the future of beverage innovation at McDonald’s. While bottled beverages provide additional benefits of portability and convenience, Coca-Cola fountain beverages remain the foundation for our beverages offerings,” said Karen Wells, Vice President, Strategy and Menu, McDonald’s USA. McDonald’s USA and Dr Pepper Snapple Group have also announced a multi-year agreement to expand Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper drinks at its US restaurants. Dr Pepper is currently sold in around 8,500 McDonald’s in the US, but will be rolled out nationally this year to all markets. Diet Dr Pepper, which is already available in 3,500 US restaurants, will be available as a regional option. "Dr Pepper has been a great McDonald's supplier for many years. It's a brand that performs well in our system," said Wells.


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McDonald’s extends deals with Coca-Cola and Dr PepperMcDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper