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Aldi UK sees 11% increase in shopper numbers in Q1

German discount retailer Aldi has reported it saw an 11% increase in shopper numbers in its businesses in the UK and Ireland, during the first quarter of this year. The company said its customers were increasingly moving from a top-up to a full shop, with the size of a typical Aldi shopping basket increasing by about a third during the past six months. Meanwhile, the group has announced plans to highlight its range of items costing less than GBP1 (USD1.49), in an attempt to simulate the success of fixed price stores. Under the initiative, the company plans to cut the prices of a number of standard food products such as fruit juices, cheeses, pasta salads and steak cut chips, as well as personal care and household cleaning products to below the GBP1 (USD1.49) mark. Rival discounter Schwarz Group-owned Lidl is to launch a similar promotion highlighting that more than 50% of its own brand products are under GBP1 (USD1.49).


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Aldi UK sees 11% increase in shopper numbers in Q1Aldi, UK, increase