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Food prices fell by 0.3% in March, other prices still rising

From February to March, prices of food products in the Czech Republic, excluding beverages, dropped by 0.3%. The most significant change was recorded in the price of flour (5.7%), buns and rolls (3.5%), milk (2.4%), and butter (2%). In contrast, price increases were recorded for yoghurt (2.4%), vegetable oil (1.4%) and fish (1.3%), according to the Czech Statistical Office (CSU). The alcoholic beverages sector recorded a 0.5% month-on-month price increase, while the price of tobacco products rose by 0.9% month on month. Due to the change of season and new collections arriving in stores, the price of clothing increased by 0.7% during this period, while footwear prices rose by 1%. From a year-on-year perspective, food prices (excluding beverages) have fallen by 1.4%. The price drops were recorded for bread (9.4%), bakery products (18.4%), flour (10.4%), eggs (11.3%), fresh milk (14.7%), cheese (9.8%) and fresh butter (22.3%). In contrast, the price of meat increased by 2.5% during the same period. The prices of tobacco products rose by 14% in March compared with the same period in 2008, while the price of alcoholic beverages increased by 3.5% during the same period. Clothing prices fell by 2%, and those of household appliances by 1.3%.


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Food prices fell by 0.3% in March, other prices still risingFood prices, sales