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Wal-Mart Asda to create 7,000 jobs in 2009

Wal-Mart-owned Asda has said it will create more than 7,000 new jobs in 2009, in the UK. It plans to recruit up to 3,000 long-term unemployed for existing vacancies through Local Employment Partnerships and Remploy- Asda‘s recruitment partner for people with disabilities and health conditions. The supermarket will create 3,700 new jobs with the opening of nine new food stores, five new Asda Living outlets (its non-food format) and extensions to 15 existing stores. In addition, 2,000 new jobs will be created through the expansion of its home shopping business Asda.com, and a further 1,000 new jobs through organic growth. It will also continue to invest in its speciality business by creating 120 new roles in Asda pharmacies and optical centres nationwide. In total Asda will create 54,000 square metres of new store space in 2009. Asda President and CEO Andy Bond said: “This year we will create 7,000 new jobs at a time when many companies are having to lay people off. We will also be helping 3,000 long-term unemployed get back into work by specifically targeting them for existing vacancies in our business.”


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Wal-Mart Asda to create 7,000 jobs in 2009Wal-Mart, Asda, create jobs, 2009