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Wal-Mart Seiyu to cut prices on 1,400 household products

Wal-Mart-owned Seiyu said it will cut the prices on 1,400 household products by about 10-40%. The local press has reported the retailer will launch the price cuts at its 375 Japanese outlets by taking advantage of the yen’s appreciation, its private brand items and Wal-Mart’s global procurement networks. The company aims to boost its competitiveness in the industry, introducing a system late last year where it offers food and daily necessities at prices no higher than those shown in the sale leaflets of its rivals. Seiyu will run the price cuts until April/May ahead of Japan’s new fiscal year in April.



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Wal-Mart Seiyu to cut prices on 1,400 household productsWal-Mart, Seiyu, cut prices, household products