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Velyka Kyshenia Intends To Extend Chain By 5-15 Stores To 55-65 Stores

Velyka Kyshenia group of companies (Kyiv), which incorporates one of Ukraine's biggest eponymous retail trade network, intends to extend its chain of supermarkets by 5-15 stores to 55-65 stores in 2009. This is said in a statement of the company, a text of which Ukrainian News obtained. "Depending on a macroeconomic situation in the country, the company plans to open from five to 15 stores in 2009," the statement reads. Moreover, the company notes that in 2009 the Velyka Kyshenia trading network intends to develop its quality as well as quantity - to constantly renovate range of goods, to develop the range of its own brands (Number 1 Fair Price and Hit Product), to improve its own production, services in the stores.

As of end of 2008, the company amounts to 50 Velyka Kyshenia supermarkets in Ukraine and eight Green Hills Market supermarkets in Moldova. As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in 2009 the Retail Group company running the Velyka Kyshenia supermarket chain, plans to increase the commodity turnover by 26.86% or UAH 1.389 billion to UAH 6.560 billion in 2009 over 2008.

Retail Group consists of the Kviza open joint-stock company as well as its subsidiary called Kviza Trade, which controls the Velyka Kyshenia supermarket chain and fast-food restaurants. Hazinart Limited (Cyprus) owns 63% of the shares in Retail Group and Retail Invest (Kyiv) owns 25%.

Ukrainian News, Viktoria Miroshnychenko

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Velyka Kyshenia Intends To Extend Chain By 5-15 Stores To 55-65 StoresVelyka Kyshenia, Intends, To Extend, Chain, Stores