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Rewe Group to boost RFID deployment

Rewe Group in Germany plans to use RFID technology in all of its new distribution centres. According to a report in Lebensmittel Zeitung, the move will happen as the retailer separates the logistics of its discount range from its full-range logistics. The retailer announced in November 2008 that it was investing more than EUR660 million (USD950 million) into the separation of its discount logistics from its full-range logistics and that it plans to build 11 new distribution centres (eight discount and three full-range) and additionally re-build five existing sites by 2011. The Penny distribution centres in Norderstedt, Wiesloch (and from January 2009 also Rosbach) are already equipped with RFID technology. The distribution centre in Rüsseina will follow suit in the course of the year 2009. Rewe is also testing RFID at reusable load carriers: freezer boxes, carriers for floral products, trays for refillable beverages and boxes for produce. Rewe is expected to decide on a roll-out by March 2009. Finally, the retailer is testing RFID on item-level. Between March and October 2008, Rewe tested RFID on clothing items in its Toom DIY store in Bonn; three suppliers equipped their clothing range with RFID tags for the retailer.


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Rewe Group to boost RFID deploymentREWE GROUP, RFID