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Wal-Mart CEO seeks to get involved with US Government policy

Wal-Mart CEO and President H Lee Scott said that he expects the recession to present challenges in the short term as consumers scale back purchases amidst intensifying job insecurity. Appearing on Meet the Press, Scott said consumers have noticeably changed their shopping behaviour at Wal-Mart stores and that the company had a responsibility to get involved with the government: “We get, quite honestly, some people who say we shouldn't push for this energy policy, for this reform in health care and that Wal-Mart shouldn't be involved in that, and I think they are just wrong. I think today, more than ever, we have a responsibility to participate and I don't mean on the negative side, participating by just being critical of what is proposed, but by being a partner in these solutions.”


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Wal-Mart CEO seeks to get involved with US Government policyWal-Mart, CEO, seeks, to get involved, US Government, policy