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Wal-Mart opens training centre in India

US retailer Wal-Mart has opened a training centre in India. The centre has been created in order to help increase the number of skilled workers for cash & carry and organised retail formats. The centre is located in Amritsar, Punjab. The Bharti Wal-Mart Training Centre is located at the Government Institute of Garment Technology which is run by the Department of Technical Education. Bharti Wal-Mart CEO Raj Jain said: “We are close to opening our cash & carry operations in the coming months and one of the major challenges we have faced is getting talent that is job-ready, with the right customer service mindset and requisite skill set. As this Skill Centre’s capacity gets fully utilised, we will explore the possibility of using classrooms at other ITIs and Polytechnics across Punjab to increase coverage.”


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