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Tesco prepares for entry into Shandong, China

In China, Tesco has held a conference with suppliers in the Shandong province prior to its entry into the region scheduled for early 2009. The conference aims to speed up Tesco’s entry into the province. Several high ranking Tesco executives were present at the conference including Doug Cochrane, Tesco China North Regional Managing Director, Nanbin Zhuang, Tesco China Board Director and James Padovan, Tesco China Commercial Director. Several Tesco executives gave a speech describing the Shandong province as having good long term development opportunities. The executives added that Tesco planned to expand into Shandong using two methods: opening stores through leasehold property and building stores from scratch on freehold sites. The first store is due to open in Weifang early next year with two set to follow in Jinan and Qingdao.


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Tesco prepares for entry into Shandong, Chinatesco, retail, Shandong, China