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Carrefour France plans for new concept Carrefour City

While Carrefour is converting its neighbourhood stores, located in villages and small towns, into Carrefour Contact, the retailer is also considering a new store banner for the urban environment, Carrefour City. Four Carrefour City pilot stores will be opened in January next year, two of them in Paris, one in Avignon and one in Nîmes. The Carrefour City concept will feature ready meals as well as stand-up snack bars. "We have lots of ambition for both projects. Our franchised partners and our consumers have welcomed our projects. We will report on the development in summer 2009", stated Gérard Dorey, Managing Director for Neighbourhood Stores.



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Carrefour France plans for new concept Carrefour CityCarrefour, France, plans, new concept, Carrefour City