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Tesco to stock ugly produce in UK

In the UK, Tesco is to become the first retailer to stock ugly fruit and vegetables following a change in EU legislation. The grocer is to sell a ‘Monster Bunch’ box including an oversized carrot, onion, swede, butternut squash and sweet potato for GBP2.50  (USD4.50). "We have been anticipating the lifting of this ridiculous ban by the European Commission (EC) for some time now which is why we are ready to launch our Monster Bunch box so quickly," said a Tesco spokesperson. The EU regulations set rules for 26 types of produce, but were criticised by retailers for creating unnecessary red tape. Until now, 20% of produce had been rejected by stores across the EU because it failed to meet requirements. Affected produce usually ended up being pulped and used to make soups, baby food, ready meals and juices. The changes are likely to see UK farmers get better returns for their ugly produce.


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Tesco to stock ugly produce in UKTesco, to stock, ugly produce, in UK