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Wal-Mart Centroamérica have 2 news: it gets new President & CEO & introduces Great Value PL at Costa Rica

WAL-MART Centroamérica gets new President & CEO Wal-Mart Centroamérica has announced that Marcos Samaha has been appointed as the new President and CEO of Wal-Mart Central America, as of 1 January 2009. With the arrival of Marcos Samaha, Ignacio Perez, who since August 2006 has held the post of President and CEO of Wal-Mart Centroamérica, will go to a new high-level executive position within Wal-Mart. For the remainder of 2008, Ignacio Perez will focus on the transition of leadership of the company. Marcos Samaha began his career at Wal-Mart Brazil in 1999. As Vice President of Wal-Mart Brazil, he led the acquisition and integration of SONAE and, since early 2008, has been Executive Vice President of Operations at Wal-Mart Brazil.

WAL-MART Costa Rica introduces Great Value PL Wal-Mart Centroamérica has introduced Wal-Mart’s global private label Great Value in its Hipermás and Mas-X- Menos chains in Costa Rica. Danilo Manzanares, Commercial Director at Wal-Mart Centroamérica, said: "Wal-Mart Centroamérica aims to save money for our clients so that they can live better, and in that sense, Great Value will expand the supply of private label products, which are products that match or beat the quality offered by the leading brands, but at more affordable prices." Around 40 Great Value SKUs will be offered, including oils, dressings, mayonnaise, cereals, baking products, soups, sauces and pasta. Great Value products will be imported from the United States and Canada.


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Wal-Mart Centroamérica have 2 news: it gets new President & CEO & introduces Great Value PL at Costa Rica Wal-Mart, Centroamérica, President & CEO, Great Value PL, Costa Rica