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Albertsons reintroduces online shopping

SuperValu-owned Albertsons has reintroduced online shopping. Albertsons’ website, www.albertsons.com, now allows shoppers to place orders on grocery, general merchandise, flowers, health and beauty and party items for a charge of USD12.99 for home delivery or USD5.99 for instore pickup. The site, which was originally launched in 1999, has been relaunched to “help shoppers save both money and time - essential commodities in today’s economic environment and time-starved society,” according to an Albertsons press release.

“The Albertsons online shopping programme is just one great example of how we - the neighbourhood grocer just around the corner - are working to accommodate our busy and budget-conscious shoppers,” said Heidi Diller, Albertsons’ nutritionist. According to the press release: “Not only are [shoppers] saving in fuel costs, but studies show that people do not make as many spontaneous purchases online.” Albertsons says that 11% of shoppers buy products on special even though they had not planned on buying them on that given day. All sale pricing will be reflected at the time of payment, with the exception of beer, wine and liquor. Pharmacy products are not offered via online shopping.


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Albertsons reintroduces online shoppingplanetretail