5th annual conference "Retail in Russia 2009"

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Место проведения
Ритц Карлтон , Москва,ул. Тверская д. 3
According to the opinion of experts and analysts this fall will be tough and critical for many retail market players in Russia. A year has passed and the crisis is still going on. Meanwhile it's time to pay the bills. But are there any growth opportunities despite the existing economic circumstances? Are there any new forms of company development without attracting supplementary capital? What are the horizons and future of cashless transactions between the players? What are the peculiarities of the bankruptcy procedure for retailers?

Another equally important block of questions for discussion at the forthcoming conference will be dedicated to the plans of foreign players in the Russian market will be another. Do the still find Russia an attractive country for entrance? What represents a stumbling block and an inhibitive factor for development? What are the most efficient strategies of relations between foreign retailers and local players?

Conference concept
A one-day conference, the business part will be hosted from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. with coffee and lunch breaks; cocktails after the business par.

Conference format 
Participants' speeches will be followed by discussions of major issues listed in the agenda. A series of round table discussion with top managers and market analysts.

Conference audience

The conference is focused on largest retail market operators, representatives of corresponding ministries and supervision services, managers of public organizations, banks, financial analysts, retail market experts and consultants, auditors.

Participant’s registration fee is 26000 roubles (without VAT)

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