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Metro Group to abandon metro-wein.de online shop

Metro Cash & Carry's partner online shop Weinvorteil in Germany will take over Metro's online wine banner metro-wein.de as of 1 June. The site was launched only at the end of 2011 and was expected to generate good revenue. However, Metro Group has now told Lebensmittel Zeitung that, for business customers, the online shop "as a special interest offer does not play a major role but ties up capacity, which we will concentrate on our core business in the future."

For many years, Metro Group-owned Metro Cash & Carry in Germany has suffered declining sales. The company is now banking on strengthening its nationwide delivery service, launched in 2009.

The recently installed delivery and multi-channel department will receive an upgraded online presence with its own online ordering platform. This has already been launched in other countries. A Germany-wide roll-out is planned in the short term and will be directed to the needs of professional customers with the goal of making ordering processes more efficient. In addition, a new version of the current Selly Order platform will be used.

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Metro Group to abandon metro-wein.de online shopMetro Group, retailer, online shop
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