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M&S to run fish promotion

UK retailer M&S will run a new initiative called Eat Fish, aimed at encouraging customers to eat more fish, according to The Grocer. The campaign, which has been timed to coincide with the start of the British south coast season, will be supported instore with the introduction of a number of new fish lines in the coming months such as Black Bream, John Dory and Red Gunnard. M&S is also set to introduce two new ready prepared fish ranges including ‘The Grill’ and ‘Fish to Dress.’ The campaign will see shoppers that buy three fish products in one shop receive a free Essential Fish and Seafood book, which details how to prepare, cook and serve fish and shellfish. A fish buying guide will also be given away with copies of ‘Your M&S’ Magazine. The initiative follows research conducted by the retailer that shows half of Britons eat fish just once or twice a month. The study also found a quarter of consumers had only ever tried two species of fish, while 10% admitted they never ate fish at all. The initiative is being supported by the WWF.


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M&S to run fish promotionM&S, fish promotion
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