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Russian customers face price increase

Eighty percent of Russians are concerned about the current financial crisis. As many as 59% of Russians named price increases as one of the most commonly experienced negative effects of such a crisis – revealed the Comcon market research company. Two third of respondents (66%) have been forced to economise on at least one of the 28 food products mentioned in the survey, while 26% said they stocked up on at least one of these products. The majority of those surveyed by Comcon have tried to cut spending on meat (56%) and fish (49%) specialties. Furthermore, visits to restaurants and cafes are commonly cited as a means of cutting spending; 10% of those who used to eat out either do so less frequently or not at all. Over a third (38%) frequents only inexpensive restaurants. Research was conducted online with a sample pool of 800 Russian aged 18-45 and living in cities with populations over 1 million.

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Russian customers face price increaseRussian, customers, face, price increase
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